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Self-Exploration Groups for Mothers

Founded by Sherri Muroff Kalt, a Westchester-based mother and specialist in parent/child dynamics, The Authentic Mom was created to bring women together to speak honestly and openly about their true experiences of motherhood—and ultimately live more "authentic" lives.

Ms. Muroff Kalt's passion for her work reflects the combined influence of several personal and professional experiences:

  • An ongoing personal journey to deepen self-knowledge and live an authentic life in sync with who she is, what she needs and what she believes
  • The enormous impact of environmental and social pressures to "perform" and be the "best"
  • Intensive clinical therapeutic work with mothers and their young children, in which she helped women understand and navigate through trauma triggered by motherhood
If I don't take advantage of every opportunity to enrich my children, I worry that they'll fall behind the other kids. Everyone is so competitive.
-Amanda K, mother of three, Briarcliff

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Duke University, Ms. Muroff Kalt received a B.A. in psychology and has spent the past decade working for some of Westchester's most reputable mental-health agencies, including the Center for Preventive Psychiatry in White Plains and Four Winds Hospital in Katonah. Here, she designed and facilitated therapeutic groups, provided intensive psychotherapy and prepared and implemented comprehensive treatment plans for mothers and their children.

Prior to these stints, Ms. Muroff Kalt spent ten years in marketing and sales in New York City at firms like L'Oréal, Monet Jewelers and Givenchy. (Click here to view complete résumé.) Her own foray into motherhood—and the struggles that followed—led Ms. Muroff Kalt to establish The Authentic Mom so that other moms would have a safe, intimate place to discuss personal issues, cultural pressures and expectations that make parenting so stressful.

Let's get together to speak openly and honestly about our TRUE experiences of motherhood. Check out the schedule for The Authentic Mom self-exploration groups today. For more information, simply click here, or call 914-582-0801.

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